Furnace and Reformer Revamp

ANABEEB has developed a strong mechanical engineering division to support our client with maintenance, overhauls, upgrades, repairs and installation works on all types of stationary equipment.
All welders tested and qualified by independent third parties to a 6G standard. In-house training facility for welders and fabricators

Stationary Equipment Revamp
Revamping is making modifications to an existing industrial plant to improve features and increase the overall capacity usually by replacing items of equipment that limits the flow rates (debottlenecking).

Replacement of stationary equipment internals and strip lining
Modification of stationary equipment as per inspection recommendations
Replacement of furnace and heater tubes
Replacement of reformer tubes, headers and pigtails

Plant Changes & Modifications
Fabrication, erection and replacement of piping and steel structures, including associated painting and insulation works
Erection and replacement of stationary equipment, including associated painting, insulation, and minor civil and electrical works



Furnace Reformer & Revamp Gallery