HP Water Jetting

Troubleshooting, Overhauling & Refurbishment
ANABEEB applies manual and automated water jetting systems, exercising techniques to safely remove the unwanted deposits from process vessels, tanks and lines.
ANABEEB is a member of the Water Jetting Association and our training, procedures and techniques are at the forefront of the industry. We also do line cleaning and LP, HP & UHP jetting.

Automated Water Jetting
These systems are the most effective method to clean the tubes of heat exchanger bundles and fin fan banks. We use 3-D water-jet technology to remove tough deposits such as coke and polymer from tanks and process vessels.

Our Equipment
Lancing Machine
IBC (Inside Bundle Cleaner)
LTC (Lance Tube Cleaner)
OBC (Outside Bundle Cleaner)
TLE (Triple Lance Tube Cleaner)
Cold Cutting by HP Water Jetting


HP Water Jetting Gallery