Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

We are an approved manufacturer for Pressure Vessels, our organization has been qualified by ASME for U, U-2 & R-Stamp. We manufacture Pressure Vessels as per the client specifications, regardless of materials and size.

Our quality Control system ensures that your final product has been constructed, inspected and tested as per the ASME standards and client requirements. Our welding crew is well experienced executing in a wide variety of different projects involving different metallurgies, including Inconel. Our yard & Workshop is perfectly equipped to attend all needs for the designated job, with 340sqm of CS & SS Workshop & Machine Shop for any side requirements

Our Fabrication Capabilities include:

Piping system & Structures
Mechanical Assembly
Full & Spot Repair
Equipment Fabrication

Our Manufacturing Capabilities include:

Pressure Vessels
Heat Exchanger & Bundle
Cool Box
Flare Tip, Stack


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