Chemical Decontamination

Single step decontamination for refining & petrochemical applications

Zyme-Flow Decon Technology is the worldwide leader in hydrocarbon decontamination for safe and fast vessel entry. The dynamic range of Zyme-Flow chemistries and service applications are recognized as the global standard for complete decontamination in refining and petrochemical plants. Using a single chemistry, the patented Zyme-Flow Process simultaneously eliminates pyrophoric iron sulfide, hydrogen sulfide, LEL’s, and benzene from process units. Yet as tough as it is, the chemistry is wastewater friendly, near neutral pH and compatible with all metallurgies and process equipment

Zyme-Flow Decon Technology drastically reduces turnaround decontamination time achieving vessel entry in 12 hours or less - guaranteed

Zyme-Flow Decon Technology chemistry also meets the most stringent environmental and personnel safety standards on the globe. Non-toxic, non-hazardous, and biodegradable, Zyme-Flow’s chemistry is safe for people, plant equipment, and the environment. Additionally, there is no negative impact on wastewater, no volatile compounds, and no flammability concerns.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of detailed planning, training, engineering support, technical advice, lab analysis, and post job reports.

Environmental services

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of waste handling and vacuum truck services.
Our fleet of vacuum trucks and static vacuum units are strategically located so we can respond quickly to a call out or emergency at any time of the day or night.

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