Inert Entry

ANABEEB Inert Entry services are applicable whenever entry into confined spaces that have been inserted so catalyst can be replaced, cleaning and inspection or even necessary maintenance or modifications can be performed.
ANABEEB strives to minimise inert entry to reduce this high risk activity. ANABEEB is always evaluating these activities to optimise working procedures or even introduce new technologies to minimize these risks.
ANABEEB has all equipment in house and is certified to calibrate and maintain all equipments involved in Inert Entry services. All staff involved in the inert entry activities is trained and certified and is regularly updated and trained to ensure the safest, predictable and professional project execution possible. Our clients are heavily involved in preparation and execution of the inert entry activities.
We ensure they are part of the team and are together we perform safety planning and checks.

Improtant aspects of the Inert Entry Project are, but not limited to:
Scope of Work
Employee Designation
Job Safety Analisys (JSA) and Risk Assesment (RA)
Equipment Maintenace and Calibration Log
Communication Plan
Resque pre plan, roles and responsibilities
Resque on site practice

ANABEEB has an excellent safety record on Inert Entry Services and is the Safest and Prefered Service Provider for many clients in the Gulf Region.