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Inspection and Testing

ANABEEB provides a wide range of conventional and advanced inspection, Non Destructive Testing (NDT), and heat treatment services utilizing the latest techniques and advanced inspection equipment.

ANABEEB is U, U2, R, and NB stamp certified company by ASME & National Board (NBIC).
Our inspection services are applicable on various equipment’s like Heat Exchanger, Condenser, Vessel, Drum, Column, Boiler, Reactors of all types, Furnaces, Piping, Reformer, Tanks and Tubular Reactors.

We offer NDT services for field application in Oil & Gas / Petrochemicals plants such as:

Visual Inspection
Radiography – Gamma Ray & SafeRad
Ultrasonic Test – Shear Wave & Thickness Measurement
Magnetic Particle Test
Liquid Penetrant Test
Boroscopic Inspection
Hardness Testing
Ferrite Test
Positive Material Identification (PMI) Test

We also offer Advance NDT services to clients which includes:
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)
Time of Flight Diffraction Testing (TOFD)
Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)
Digital radiography
In-Situ Metallography Replica

Heat Treatment Services include:
Post Weld Heat Treatment
Solution Annealing
Preheating & Degassing
Our quality of work has spoken for itself time and again, resulting in regular demand by our reputed clients.

Mechanical Cleaning Gallery


Mourik is our original technical partner and today still manufactures our custom-made vacuum trucks, and supplies equipment and technical support during tubular reactor jobs.

ANABEEB has a worldwide license to use Unidense’s proprietary reformer catalyst loading technique. They supply specialist equipment and manpower for reformer catalyst loading jobs, and also automated external and internal reformer tube cleaning devices..

Delta Test has been supporting companies throughout the entire GCC with their their extremely reliable eddy current inspections. With a speciality in heat exchanger and reactor tubes they can measure any metallic tubes with an ID of 8mm and above.

We are the sole representative in the GCC and Egypt for this established and reputable French chemical cleaning company thats offers online and offline chemical furnace tube cleaning, and online chemical fin fan cleaning.

ANABEEB cooperates with Al-Bilad on catalyst segregation projects in Saudi Arabia.

Meet ANABEEB - DERC Hydro-Jet Mower, a rotating surface cleaner with high pressure water jets. Used for cleaning floors, grates, decks or other surfaces. The stainless steel base has a 4-wheel carriage. The adjustable 4-jet-arm manifold spins at a max speed of 2500 rpm and a maximum working pressure of 1500 Bar (22K PSI).

TubeMaster is a U.S.-based provider of unique reactor & catalyst handling technology and specializes in turn-key catalyst change out, leading-edge patented catalyst technology, and custom designed plant equipment.

ANABEEB is the sole Middle East representative for Petrogas, which develops, manufactures and supplies turn-key gas installations such as metering and regulating stations, dehydration units and LPG systems.

Zyme-Flow’s unique water-based formula allows it to travel with steam throughout the entire unit using a minimum of one injection point. The Vapour-Phase Process is the fastest method for entering process equipment and avoids the costs of temporary circu¬lation pumps, while reducing the amount of waste generated

Al-Osais Contracting's new Support Division has become one of our main sources of talented and specialist subcontracted manpower.

ANABEEB and Curran International, a Houston (US) based company, are proud to announce an exclusive partnership between both parties. Curran International has developed a long and trustworthy relationship with Clients in the Oil and Gas Industry, Power generation, Desalination and HVAC in the US, Europe and Far East since 1981. This partnership will serve in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and offers its clients · Heat Exchanger Inner Tube Grit-Blasting (clean tubes for inspections during turnarounds) · Heat Exchanger Coating (anti-fouling and anti-corrosion coatings on the ID and OD of exchanger tubes) · Tube Liner/Insert Services (repair option for exchangers) Anabeeb is especially proud of this partnership because Curran International has developed an inner tube grit-blasting technology that ensures surface treatment up to NACE-1 white metal cleanliness of in-service exchanger tubes. The applied inner tube coating extends lifetime and reduces fouling of the Heat Exchanger. It offers an extended lifetime and increased operational efficiency. The coatings can be applied in various services, and are especially useful in heavy fouling operations, either from chemical, oil and even biological origin. Anabeeb / Curran International can do "On-Site blasting and Coating services" as most coatings cure in ambient temperatures. The provided services have a positive impact on your heat transfer, annual maintenance cost and turn around scope.

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