Inspection and Testing

ANABEEB provides a wide range of conventional and advanced inspection, Non Destructive Testing (NDT), and heat treatment services utilizing the latest techniques and advanced inspection equipment.

ANABEEB is U, U2, R, and NB stamp certified company by ASME & National Board (NBIC).
Our inspection services are applicable on various equipment’s like Heat Exchanger, Condenser, Vessel, Drum, Column, Boiler, Reactors of all types, Furnaces, Piping, Reformer, Tanks and Tubular Reactors.

We offer NDT services for field application in Oil & Gas / Petrochemicals plants such as:

Visual Inspection
Radiography – Gamma Ray & SafeRad
Ultrasonic Test – Shear Wave & Thickness Measurement
Magnetic Particle Test
Liquid Penetrant Test
Boroscopic Inspection
Hardness Testing
Ferrite Test
Positive Material Identification (PMI) Test

We also offer Advance NDT services to clients which includes:
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)
Time of Flight Diffraction Testing (TOFD)
Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)
Digital radiography
In-Situ Metallography Replica

Heat Treatment Services include:
Post Weld Heat Treatment
Solution Annealing
Preheating & Degassing
Our quality of work has spoken for itself time and again, resulting in regular demand by our reputed clients.

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