Mechanical Cleaning

One of the most sought after services of Anabeeb is mechanical cleaning of various equipment types and products. Throughout the years, Anabeeb has invested in the latest technology available to clean any type of equipment, under any circumstance safely, effective, and efficient. Most of our equipment is automated or semi-automated to ensure safe operation and a predictable cleaning result.

Our technology consists of:
High Pressure Water-jetting up to 40.000 PSI

Heat Exchanger Cleaning Inside (IBC) and Outside (OBC) with single or multiple nozzles or lances Various types of Columns, Vessels and Tanks by using Butterwash Cleaning

Soda Blasting of:

Fin-Fans and cleaning of surfaces without the use of water to have an environmentally friendly solution which reduces waste and has no direct impact on the surrounding areas. SB avoids equipment downtime. The powder used is environmentally friendly and is even food-grate approved.

Dry Ice Blasting of:

Electrical cabinets because the use of frozen CO2 has no conductivity Delicate surfaces to avoid any damage. On impact on the surface the CO2 expanse, thus removing any debris from the surface without impact. Ideal for turbine blades, rotating equipment and electrical components.

Heat Exchanger ID grit blasting

Since early 2021, Anabeeb and CurranIntl. exclusively work together to have this unique process in the Gulf Region. The ID grit blasting technology is safe to use and has a high-quality cleaning finish of the Heat Exchanger. On demand a surface coating can be applied to avoid further erosion or even fouling of the tubes. This technology will help to improve heat transfer of the heat exchanger over an extended operational window


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