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92nd Saudi National Day / اليوم الوطني السعودي ٩٢
25 Sep 2022

هي الوطن والدار ومصدر عزّنا وفخرنا وقوّتنا ، أنابيب تفخر بمن هي لنا دار.
كل عام وانتم والوطن بخير

92nd Saudi National Day.

Cooperative Programs with Royal Commission Jubail
29 Aug 2022

أنابيب في زيارة للهيئة الملكية في الجبيل للبحث في أوجه التعاون في مجالات التدريب التعاوني وتوظيف الخريجين والبرامج التدريبية

ANABEEB officials visited the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu and participated in the discussion of cooperative training, graduate employment, and other training programs.

New Hijri Year 1444H / ١٤٤٤هـ
31 Jul 2022

مع بداية عام ١٤٤٤هـ ، نتمنى لكم ولعائلاتكم عام مليء بالخير والبركات.
عام هجري سعيد للجميع كل عام وانتم بخير...

On the 1st day of Muharram, wishing you and your family a new hijri year full of blessings, peace and happiness!

Eid al Adha 2022
17 Jul 2022

أنابيب تهنئكم بمناسبه حلول عيد الاضحى المبارك وكل عام وانتم بخير

ANABEEB is wishing you and your loved ones a happy and blessed Eid

Ibn Zahr Turnaround During March-April 2022
14 Jul 2022

Within a period of 6 months, ANABEEB has executed turnarounds in IbnZahr PP III, OCT, MTBE I, MTBE II, and 690 Unit. We managed to deliver a success story in each one due to the high level of training, and safety focused mindset possessed by the Anabeeb team. This was also supplemented by the one team, one result mentality exhibited by the Ibn Zahr turnaround team.
A special thanks goes to Ibn Zahr President Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi for the reward ceremony and recognition. Also, we would like to thank Mr. Muidh Al-Bogami, Mr. Ahmed Al-Anzi, and Mr. Bandar Al-Qahtani for the their support.

Sipchem Appreciation Award
7 Jul 2022

With longterm turnaround commitment between ANABEEB and Sipchem. We were able to deliver 2 turnarounds with the highest levels of quality and safety.
The focus our team demonstrated was matched with the support of the Sipchem team to ensure LTI & Leak free startup of both PDH & IAC turnarounds.
A special thanks goes to Mr. Ibrahim Al-Rushood, Mr. Abdullah Al-Hatlani, and Mr. Waleed Al-Ghamdi for the recognition ceremony.

Contractor of the Month Award
27 Jun 2022

Proud of our team for another achievement
ANABEEB is committed to safety excellence.

Happy Father's Day
19 Jun 2022

One day isn’t enough to celebrate all that you do. ANABEEB is wishing you a Happy Father’s Day.

Give the gift of life, donate blood.
15 Jun 2022

ANABEEB welcomed PertroRabigh team at its headquarters in Jubail
8 Jun 2022

ANABEEB welcomed PertroRabigh team at its headquarters in Jubail. This visit is for combining both our companies’ knowledge and experience in preparation for the mega TA in December 2022.

ANABEEB celebrates the 35 Million Safe Man-Hours
1 Jun 2022

ANABEEB celebrates the 35 Million Safe Man-Hours and the ANABEEB sports festival for the year 2022. ANABEEB Board Members and management celebrated and participated in this historic moment.
This shows our commitment to working safely and is a testament to the quality of training and development in our main asset, our people.
For more picture..

Eid 2022
8 May 2022

YANPET Appreciation Certificate for Successful completion of Complex YANPET T/A 2022
24 Apr 2022

A Certificate of Appreciation from #YANPET Management for successful completion of 3 projects U&O LSTK/DECON/FLARE during February 2022 Turnaround. We are thankful for everyone who supported us during this #Turnaround and glad to complete these activities safely.

Anabeeb Iftar 2022
18 Apr 2022

We were delighted to welcome our ANABEEB team members to our #Iftar celebrations. As part of our efforts to strengthen the spirit of communication during the Holy Month of Ramadan.
ANABEEB wishes all employees and partners #RamadanMubarak.
For more picture..

Aramco Yanbu NGLF - Appreciation for MOD 4 T&I 2022 Catalyst replacement works Completion
13 Apr 2022

We would like to share the appreciation certificate for ANABEEB Catalyst replacement works successful completion of Aramco /Yanbu NGLF 2022 MOD-4 T&I.

Anabeeb Wishes you a safe and blessed Ramadan.
2 Apr 2022

ANABEEB Wishes you a safe and blessed Ramadan.

Anabeeb Qatar receives recognition for outstanding contribution and safe completion from #QAFCO.
27 Mar 2022

ANABEEB Qatar receives a wonderful recognition for outstanding contribution and safe completion in the field of Turnaround execution from #QAFCO.

Happy Mother's Day
21 Mar 2022

Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a Mother.

Anabeeb’s Pipeline Division
17 Mar 2022

Anabeeb’s Pipeline Division continues to deliver countless successful trenchless projects all over Saudi.

International Women's Day
8 Mar 2022

Where there is a woman, there is magic.

8 Mar 2022

We are happy to have such a great #community here on LinkedIn!
ANABEEB has reached the milestone of 30k followers!
Thanks to every one of you for being interested in ANABEEB, our service, end-to-end solutions, know-how, and company culture!
To grow further with you, we would like to know which services interest you most? Let us know in the comments!
We are looking forward to reaching more milestones with you!

Anabeeb Celebrates Saudi Arabia's first Founding Day
23 Feb 2022

ANABEEB celebrated the Saudi founding day with the participation of the company's employees in an atmosphere full of patriotism.

Saudi Arabia's first Founding Day
22 Feb 2022

Anabeeb Qatar Proud to reach a milestone of “8 Million Man-hours without a Lost Time Injury (LTI).
9 Feb 2022

Our ANABEEB team in Qatar takes pride in reaching a milestone of “8 Million Man-hours without a Lost Time Injury (LTI).
This accomplishment came as a result of our continuing commitment to workplace safety, thru the adoption of strict safety standards, procedures, and systems.
We would like to congratulate the ANABEEB Team and everyone who have contributed in the attainment of this achievement.

3 Years Maintenance Contract with SIPCHEM
25 Jan 2022

ANABEEB is proud to announce another major milestone achieved by signing a 3 – years periodic maintenance contract with #Sipchem which includes 13 turnarounds for all Sipchem facilities.
The contract was signed by Mr. Raed AlGhamdi, Corporate General Manager, representing ANABEEB, and Eng. Omar Bahobail, Vice President of Shared Services representing SIPCHEM.
The signing ceremony was attended by Abdulrahman Al Aggad, BU Manager, Girish Kumar Pandey (Contracts & Estimation), Jacques Theron (HSE), Eng. Mohammad E. Ibrahim, General Manager, Supply & Facility Management and Eng. Abdullah S Al-Hatlani, General Manager, Maintenance.
This new contract reinforces the collaboration between Anabeeb and Sipchem. We thank you for your commitment and support.

ECITB Training Recognition
15 Jan 2022

Technical trainings are important to any types of industry.
Anabeeb successfully trained professional technicians with ECITB Certificates.

Happy New Year 2022
01 Jan 2022

Anabeeb wishes a very prosperous and successfuly new year 2022

QAPCO Best Contractor for Safety and Performance Award
22 Dec 2021

One Team, One Spirit, and a Big Success. Anabeeb Achieved!
Anabeeb is proud to receive QAPCO Best Contractor for Safety and Performance Award 2021.
QAPCO recognizes contractors that have efficient work accomplishment in promoting Safety Culture and HSE Safety behaviors during QAPCO Mega Turnaround 2021.
Congratulations! We are beyond proud of our team for their continued success!

Anabeeb new improved Website
01 Dec 2021

We’re excited to welcome you to the new ANABEEB website, built from the ground up utilizing the latest design trends, more accessible, and easier to navigate on mobile phones, tablets and laptops. We are ecstatic with the results and we think you will be too.

18” 345 meters pipe pulled by Anabeeb #HDD team.
25 Nov 2021

Our Pipelines division continues to deliver successful crossings for Saudi Aramco and others with safety and quality as our ultimate goals.

Anabeeb Receives Appreciation from Ibn Zahr Management for October 21 Turnaround
3 Nov 2021

Anabeeb Receives Appreciation from Ibn Zahr Management for October 21 Turnaround

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
28 Oct 2021

Anabeeb organise Breast Cancer Awareness Program

#SASREF and #ANABEEB carried out successfully the construction of SASREF's Import Hydrogen Line
12 Oct 2021

#SASREF and # Anabeeb carried out successfully the construction of SASREF's Import Hydrogen Line from RC Corridor to the Tie-in at Metering Skid Outlet inside Refinery.
SASREF Mr. Ibrahim Al Buti (DPM), Mr. Abdulmohsen Al Khuwaitem (MDT), and Mr. Bandar Al Oufi (Construction Lead- MMG1) visited ANABEEB HQ to hand out certificates of appreciation and trophies to the project team. The success and safe completion of the project was truly an outcome of Team-Work.

#ANABEEB 3rd Safety Campaign
26 Sep 2021

Anabeeb employee safety is our highest priority and we keep our people focused on innovative training and orientation programs. Anabeeb introduced an interactive web application and quiz competition to encourage its employees to study the company's safety procedures.
During the past 2 weeks, 650+ people from 3 branches in KSA and UAE evaluated our procedures and participated in the quiz. 100 employees won a prize based on their excellent score on the test.
Keep up the good work, and many thanks for your interest and participation.

Anabeeb celebrates Saudi Arabia's 91st National Day.
26 Sep 2021

Starting with the National Anthem followed by a speech of our Executive Director Mr. Mansour Ali Al Khater who reflected on this special occasion, being proud of our Country, Our Royal Family, and its accomplishments. It is truly an exciting time to live and work with many opportunities. Anabeeb strives to have a positive impact on Saudi Arabia's development, both in business and the lives of its people. Happy National Day!!!

Anabeeb's Hot-tap and Line-stoppage partner from the US have started their services in KSA
08 Sep 2021

Anabeeb 's Hot-tap and Line-stoppage partner from the US have started their services in KSA. Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions the training and certification of our technicians and welders had to be postponed. During past 6 weeks, our technicians and welders have been trained and have been successfully certified by an independent 3rd party.
All fittings and equipment for all sizes are locally available to guarantee a swift, and a safe quality job as always expected from Anabeeb .

Anabeeb Flare and Rope Access Division has over 15 years’ experience
07 Sep 2021

Anabeeb can inspect, repair, and replace any flare type, size, either onshore or offshore. Ask Anabeeb for all possible maintenance services e.g., wire lubrication, tensioning, blasting and coating, welding or any inspection or electrical repair, our team can meet any challenge Up in the Air. #Safety and #Planning are supported by 3D modeling to understand all safety precautions and activities at height.
Please contact Anabeeb regarding any service at height, We are the experts.

ANABEEB has received a certificate of appreciation by NATPET
06 Sep 2021

Anabeeb has received a certificate of appreciation by #NATPET for the support, hard work, and readiness during NATPET's emergency Heater Shutdown of PDH plant. #ANABEEB highly values this certificate as a token of recognition of our services.
We thank Mr. Khalid Al-Harbi, NATPET's Senior Maintenance & T/A manager, for handing out the certificate.
Please contact Anabeeb regarding any service at height, We are the experts.

ANABEEB receives Aramco's recognition on Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate (CCC)
06 Sep 2021

Anabeebs commitment to quality and safety extends beyond projects & turnarounds. We ensure that we follow the latest in IT technology and cybersecurity as demonstrated in the below certificate by #Aramco.
Anabeeb is proud and thankful to receive #Aramco's recognition on Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate (CCC).
Our IT team has established this milestone in close cooperation with an Independent Certified Auditor. These efforts will guarantee safe communications between our valued client ARAMCO and ANABEEB for now and in the future and ensure safety and security of all of our data.