Onsite Maintenance Services

By stationing ANABEEB provides on-site specialist maintenance team to provide real time solutions to your problems. The team will be created based on the specific requirements of each facility to optimize maintenance functions.

ANABEEB can deploy specialist teams and equipment to industrial facilities for short or long term period under a blanket-rate contract, thus ensuring that our in depth knowledge of maintenance and our breadth of experience can be drawn upon by operators as-and-when required.

An on-site crews has the advantage of becoming familiar with the unique functions and environment of a plant enabling the crew o function within minimal guidance and supervision. Hving an on-site crew has been found to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of day-to-day plant maintenance.

We currently have almost three hundred specialists and a large amount of equipment permanently based at five facilities throughout Saudi Arabia. This means that both staff and equipment are always on hand to support clients with tasks such as Catalyst Handling, Water Jetting, Industrial Vacuuming and Fabrication & Repair jobs.


Onsite Maintenance Gallery