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Our scaffold team is ready for a swift and safe execution.
ANABEEB will provide advance quality scaffolding adhering to all safety procedures and our team is prepared to execute diverse projects, regardless of location at any time.
We are committed to ensure that the scaffold will be built most effectively, taking into account the structure and the different trades that will be impacted by the scaffold's construction.
As a leading industrial services provider, we are capable of handling all stages of projects from pre-shutdown to post-shutdown activities.

Bolt-free wedge-head connection technology
All-around scaffolding
Layher System
Ease and speed of installation optimizes usage and often fulfills short notice, ad-hoc needs


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Mourik is our original technical partner and today still manufactures our custom-made vacuum trucks, and supplies equipment and technical support during tubular reactor jobs.

ANABEEB has a worldwide license to use Unidense’s proprietary reformer catalyst loading technique. They supply specialist equipment and manpower for reformer catalyst loading jobs, and also automated external and internal reformer tube cleaning devices..

Delta Test has been supporting companies throughout the entire GCC with their their extremely reliable eddy current inspections. With a speciality in heat exchanger and reactor tubes they can measure any metallic tubes with an ID of 8mm and above.

We are the sole representative in the GCC and Egypt for this established and reputable French chemical cleaning company thats offers online and offline chemical furnace tube cleaning, and online chemical fin fan cleaning.

FEOL is one of the leading Heavy Lift service providers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s, continuously investing and growing its large fleet of equipment.

TubeMaster is a U.S.-based provider of unique reactor & catalyst handling technology and specializes in turn-key catalyst change out, leading-edge patented catalyst technology, and custom designed plant equipment.

Zyme-Flow’s unique water-based formula allows it to travel with steam throughout the entire unit using a minimum of one injection point. The Vapour-Phase Process is the fastest method for entering process equipment and avoids the costs of temporary circu¬lation pumps, while reducing the amount of waste generated

Al-Osais Contracting's new Support Division has become one of our main sources of talented and specialist subcontracted manpower.

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