Tank Maintenance

ANABEEB has all in-house resources available to maintain, repair, and refurbish tanks of all specs, including fuel storage tanks. Designing for each tank its own procedure to ensure the most safe and efficient process is deployed to clean, repair and return to service with a minimum of down time.

ANABEEB capabilities extends from floating and fixed roof tanks to double deck roof tanks, the service we perform includes

Internal cleaning and vacuuming
Tank shell repair / replacement
Bottom repair / replacement
Cone roof repair and replacement
Internal floating roof repair / replacement
Grit blasting and coating

ANABEEB also manufactures storage tanks and pressure vessels using international codes (ASME U & R stamps) / customer codes. ANABEEB strongly focuses on safety and quality, ANABEEB adopts the highest standards in the business.

Anabeeb makes use of:
Spider jets, minimizing scaffolding erection time, cost, and work schedule. A three phase pump separator (water, oil & solids) to recover oil back to client. Mercury decontamination on crude oil tanks to remove crude oil mercury deposits.