Chemical Cleaning & Pre-commissioning

Specialized Cleaning Services
Chemical cleaning (The Fill and Soak, Fill and Circulate, Slug Flow and Cascading Cleaning Methods).
Steam blowing, Air blowing, High velocity water flushing, Lube oil flushing & Nitrogen purging • Cooling water System Cleaning and Passivation using side stream filteration.
Storage tanks & Process vessel cleaning using 3D & Gama jet nozzle technology
Online chemical cleaning of heat exchanger & furnace.
Pipeline pigging/scrapping & pressure testing
Fin fan cleaning including A-frame mode (Dry & Wet method technology)
Hydro milling
Environmental services

With over three decades of experience, our team has the knowledge to tackle any chemical cleaning challenge.
Our chemical cleaning solutions increase your operational effectiveness, resulting in lower operating costs.
Our ‘blind to blind’ approach covers safety management, all mechanical work, engineering, on-site analysis, joint integrity management, leak testing, On-site chemical waste treatment, transportation and safe disposal at the government approved waste disposal facility


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